Time tracking—how it works

Plus feature Time Tracking is available as a Plus feature.

With Time Tracking, you can allow an unlimited number of employees to have "time-entry" access.

Time Tracking allows you to easily track time, so that you can bill customers for that time.

Employees or contractors simply fill out time sheets from any PC or Mac connected to the Internet. To keep your finances protected, you can give these users "time-entry" only access and then choose whether or not to restrict them from seeing their billing rate. Charges for their time can appear on the client or customer invoice.

Time Billing

You can choose to assign each particular time activity to a project or customer and choose whether to bill your customers for that time.

Based on the rates you specify, and whether or not the time is billable, time information will automatically appear on customer invoices. The amount of detail included on customer invoices is up to you, including:

  • The employee's name.
  • The number of hours and the rate you are charging the customer.

For the invoice description, you can show one of the following:

  • Text from the Description field on the time sheet.
  • The name of the standard service you are using.
  • A standard description.
  • A customized description particular to that invoice.

Time tracking

Time Tracking Software Simplified with QuickBooks Online
Tracking time with time tracking software can be difficult if not impossible—how do you give contractors a simple way to track their time without giving them access to things like the rates you've assigned them? Simple: with QuickBooks Online. Time tracking software is built in, giving you a simple way to track time any way you need to.
Easy Time Tracking Software for Employees Means Better Invoices for You
Restricting employees to "time-entry" access lets them input their hours, leaving the critical billing information for you to define for your invoices. With typical software, time tracking between contractor and business owner can be difficult, particularly when it comes to invoicing. But with the online accounting systems built into QuickBooks Online, you can customize the billing information on your invoices to suit your needs, not the needs of your time tracking software.