Multiple users, multiple benefits—how it works

Plus feature Multiple User Access is available in QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials.

With Quickbooks Online Essentials, you can set up three additional people, including your accountant, as users so they can access your company data. With QuickBooks Online Plus you can set up five additional people, including your accountant. For an additional cost, you can add even more users. Learn More

Simultaneous Access from Any Location

  • Anyone who needs to access your books can do so from any location with an Internet connection.
  • You and your employees can collaborate more easily, maximize time management, and make more informed decisions because everyone references the exact same information.

Remote Financial Updates

  • Your accountant can review your files from their office.
  • Business colleagues can get financial updates on the road, reducing the need for them to travel to your office.

One Set of Books, Always Updated

  • With all your financial information organized in one place, you avoid the confusion and hassles of swapping files on disk or through e-mail.
  • Whether you have only one or as many as 20 users accessing your data, you always have one set of updated books.
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