Multiple permission levels—how it works

Plus feature Multiple Permission Levels is available in Essentials and Plus versions.

You control who accesses your QuickBooks Online data and what they're allowed to see.

You're Always in Control

You can choose to use standard permission levels, or create your own custom settings to match the needs of your unique business. For example, you can limit a user's ability to create and edit sales or purchases transactions, and perform administrative functions, like add users, change company information, and manage subscriptions and billing.

Set Your Own Permission Levels

We offer multiple permission levels that let you limit the access privileges of each user:

  • A Master Administrator is the user who creates your company with full access rights. You can transfer the Master Administrator role to another user.
  • Company Administrators have access to all data, features and capabilities in QuickBooks Online.
  • You can grant Custom Access to any user, which enables full access or you can limit access to Customers and Sales, or Vendors and Purchases.
  • Time Tracking Only users have access to time activities, time sheets, and individual time activity reports (available in Plus version only).
  • Reports Only users can see a special version that only has reports (available in Plus version only).
  • You can grant your accountant or bookkeeper any type of access rights.