Exporting—how it works

If the need arises, you can export your QuickBooks Online information to QuickBooks Pro or Premier Editions. You have two choices:

  • Export lists and transactions to QuickBooks Basic, Pro & Premier 2004 or later
  • Export lists to QuickBooks Basic, Pro & Premier 2004 or later

Data can be exported from QuickBooks Online, but cannot be imported back in without starting a new Online Plus account.

IMPORTANT: Your data may not convert back to the desktop version intact. Until you are sure you want to commit to using QuickBooks Online, we suggest you continue to enter all transactions in your Desktop software. We don't want you to lose anything — time, data, or satisfaction with QuickBooks.

Learn more about how data is converted from QuickBooks desktop editions.

QuickBooks desktop conversion available from versions 2000 and later.

QuickBooks Online exports data to versions 2004 or later of QuickBooks Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

Currently export NOT available to QuickBooks Premier: Retail Edition and QuickBooks Premier: Non-profit Edition.