Delayed charges—how it works

Plus feature Delayed charges are available in Essentials and Plus versions.

When you're on the go, sometimes it's easier just to make a quick record of the work you perform for each customer. You can create the actual invoices later. The Delayed Charges feature gives you that freedom.

Various Ways to Bill Your Customers

Entering charges this way opens up a variety of new ways to create invoices. When you're ready to bill your customers for these charges, you can:

  • Create an invoice for each customer. Just select the charges you want to include on the invoice.
  • Create invoices for all customers who have outstanding charges. The charges automatically flow onto the invoices, but you can edit the invoices before you send them.
  • Automatically create invoices on a regular schedule. Invoice Automation scans your data, finds every customer who has outstanding charges, and builds invoices for these customers. You can set up a reminder to print these invoices, or for the ultimate in efficiency, you may want to even have them emailed automatically.