Invoice automation—how it works

Plus feature Invoice Automation is available in Essentials and Plus versions.

If you have transactions for certain customers that recur at specific intervals (monthly rent or services, yearly membership, etc), use Invoice Automation. It allows you to set up a new charge, credit, or sales receipt that repeats according to a schedule. You decide how to structure the recurrence schedule so that it meets your needs.

Bill Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly

For example, you can select the recurrence to occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and you can define a precise date range over which you want the recurrence to occur. You can also select whether or not you want QuickBooks Online Plus to tell you when recurring transactions occur.

Invoice Automatically via E-mail

In conjunction with the recurrence of sales receipts, you can choose to have the receipt automatically e-mailed to your customer. By combining recurring charges with the optional automatic creation and e-mailing of invoices, you'll save time doing your billing.