Advanced reports customization—how it works

Plus feature Enhanced Report Customization is available as a Plus feature.

QuickBooks Online comes with a wide list of reports that help you analyze the data you enter. You can customize each report to answer your questions.

As your questions become more focused, you may need to further refine your reports. With Enhanced Reports, you get a broader set of customization choices.

Get the Bigger Picture

These are some of the questions you'll be able to answer with Enhanced Reports:

  • How does my data from this month compare with data from last month?
  • What are all the transactions that include particular text in the Memo field?
  • On my Profit & Loss report, how can I see all my income and expense accounts listed, even the ones that have a zero balance?
  • What were my sales receipts where the payment method was Cash?

With Enhanced Reports, you can also control the way numbers are displayed by removing cents, coloring negative numbers in red, and more.